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My Love Sinema

Set in the 1950s, My Love Sinema details one man’s never-ending pursuit of his passion for movies and films. It tells the story of Kheong (Tosh Zhang), a young, starry-eyed 20-year-old who moves to Singapore from a kampung in Malaysia, to train as a film projectionist. There, he meets Lee (Jeff Wang), who becomes his mentor and teaches him about life, girls and dancing. At the cinema, Kheong also encounters Wei (Cheryl Wee), a young Chinese teacher who finds herself torn between her obligation as a dutiful daughter and her feelings towards Kheong. As their affection towards each other grows, they face various obstacles that prevent them from being together. A riveting story of courage and hope, this nostalgic film chronicles life’s triumphs and disappointments and inspiring audiences to stay true to their passions.

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1950s Cinema Building

The movie was set in 1950s, also when the cinema was. I had to make my research for those cinemas built in that time for their look and details and recreate this Queen Cinema completely in CG. From the original footage, I did rotoscope, removed unwanted details and added old time details. I tracked the existing facade and retrieved and the camera movement. I modeled the cinema with the same perspective, added details in the back time, such as textured wall, textured cinema's name, wooden window frames, window glass, poster and match my lighting. Finally, I completed the shot by adjust lighting, grade and color correct in compositing.

My Love Sinema